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    Driven through passion and hard work for our customer successes
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    Pragmatic application of processes, tools and technologies
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    Partnering with our customers to provide tailored assistance and solutions
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    Recognizing that business value is realized when the customer solution is fielded

Welcome to

Touzon Technologies Inc.

Touzon is committed to delivering custom crafted software solutions to clients using proven no-nonsense pragmatic approaches. We were founded in 2003 (over 10 years ago) by two brothers who know how to reliably build and deliver software solutions. They wanted to leverage all they had learned and build a boutique technology firm specializing in doing just that. Since then, we have been privileged to serve a variety of clients - ranging from small businesses to large federal agencies. We believe that commitment to integrity and continuous improvement keeps us inspired and passionate about the work we do. Along with other critical elements, Touzon is able to consistently deliver tailored software solutions successfully. Our customers certainly like the results!

Our Difference

At Touzon Technologies, we recognize that software is just a tool used by businesses to achieve a larger objective – software is not the end in itself. This is why our approach incorporates more than just technology considerations. Our professional services are grounded in a pragmatic business mindset. Before thinking about platforms, architectures or software languages, we work to better understand your organization, its ultimate mission and how the project fits into the larger picture.

The software we deliver is a manifestation of how you want to operate and the purpose you serve. This understanding shapes our efforts; from how the project is organized to the activities we prioritize on a day-to-day basis. This naturally leads our projects to be markedly different from those your may have experienced in the past.

We create momentum by meeting with stakeholders from the very beginning. These meetings serve to frame high-level requirements, early technical architectures and risk planning. We continue to build momentum throughout the project by delivering production-ready code early and often – in some cases, as frequently as every 2 weeks.

Our team also fosters open communication and eagerly seeks feedback. This openness builds mutual trust, which in turn generates further productivity leaps and project efficiencies. Continual and varied feedback allows the project to recognize and adapt to changes earlier, maximizing their positive impact.

Additionally, information system security is woven in from the onset of the project. This ensures that the delivered solution successfully meets your agency or corporate Certification and Accreditation (C&A) requirements. We also layer software testing throughout the project; from automated unit tests to user acceptance testing.


As a boutique firm, the tailored services we offer include close support from one of our principals. This is a tremendous benefit that most companies cannot offer to even their best clients. Our principals love to solve real problems. They are experienced technologists and proven servant leaders that work hard and smart. As catalysts, they enable our teams to most efficiently and effectively deliver high quality results to our customers. Our principals are egoless and able to apply their acumen tirelessly. They do all this without taking themselves too seriously.


Co-Founder & President


Co-Founder & Vice President


  • Touzon specializes in custom software development and delivery using our common sense approaches. We utilize a set of evolving best practices that are tailored for your unique needs. The technology stack for your solution is carefully crafted factoring a variety of considerations to best address your particular business and technical needs. Solutions delivered may be architected for on-premise, cloud-based or hybrid deployment depending on the requirements. Our professional services span from concept inception through production roll-out and maintenance.

  • Touzon has successfully practiced agility for many users as part of our software delivery service. We want to help your organization improve its internal software development practices. We can assist your team in developing an agile mindset and learn techniques used to evaluate a new project's scope, perform design/development/testing and deliver software solutions incrementally. This includes becoming familar with and gaining comfort in a variety of practical agile engineering practices.

  • Are you unsure of a software development project in your organization? Touzon can help. By performing a project assessment, our experts objectively gauge the real state of a software project across business, technical, process and organizational dimensions. We deliver to you the resulting assessment along with gap plans that your teams can use to guide struggling projects to a successful software delivery outcome.


Touzon Careers

When looking for new team members to join our experienced team, we seek individuals that:

  • care about delivering value
  • are passionate about solving problems
  • learn and adapt quickly
  • are self-driven to pick up new technologies / techniques
  • communicate effectively
  • enjoy working with others in a collaborative environment
  • look forward to learning how our clients’ businesses work
  • believe in the value of automated software testing
  • are proficient in particular skills for the specific role(s) that we are seeking at the time (e.g. Ruby/Rails development for Developer)

We have high expectations for our teams because that is what it takes to consistently deliver client solutions like we do. As a result, we believe that it is only fair that our employees are well compensated. In addition to competitive salaries, we offer our employees:

  • team celebrations
  • discretionary training budget
  • merit bonuses
  • group insurance (medical/Rx, dental & vision)
  • short term & long term disability insurance
  • paid time off
  • 401K retirement plan

If you are interested in joining Touzon, email us at careers@touzon.com